Laser precision cutting

We perform laser cutting systems in metal sheets until 12mm thick,  Stainless steel or aluminium trough 5mm thick, on metal sheets that can go over at 3000mm x 1500mm.

Based on the intended applications, we provide standard or personalized cutting projects.

Depending on the material to be processed, our laser cutting technology employs either cutting by Nitrogen or CO2.

Our machines are suited to perform high precision cuttings, assuring that minimal thermal deformation will occur.

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Laser marking / engraving

Laser marking/engraving metal sheets by CO2 process is one of the most recent technological services provided by Tabor. Using top-end equipment, we can achieve high detail with maximum engraving resolution on a variety of materials, from metal sheel metal to wood, acrylics, leather, amongst others.

With a funcional working base of 1500 x 1250 mm, possibilities are almost infinte!

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Sheet metal folding

We fold sheet metal boards in steel or aluminium with very low tolerances. Our tools are suited for folding metal with a maximum length of 3000m, up to 5 mm thickness in conventional presses. We also have fully automated presses up to 2100mm and 100 Tons.

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Sheet metal Stamping

Sheet metal stamping is one tabor's most profitable technological income as well as one of the major area of the company's work.

Through stamping, metal is "plastically" deformed, due to a variety of operations such as folding, cutting and pressing a metal sheet, inducing it to mechanical transformations, transforming it into a new geometric  shape.

This deformation (stamping) is obtained by using mechanical presses to wich productive systems are docked; This tools can be progressive or "step-by-step"

Our mechanical presses capacity go up to 315 Ton. or 160 ton. on hydraulic presses.

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